Sunday, March 1, 2015

Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks, a Nonstop Page Turner

Book Summary:

Grace Peterson is cursed with paranormal abilities. She and her sister share psychic abilities, but Grace is special. Grace has the ability to heal. The only setback is that when she heals, she takes on the ailment or injury of the affected party. Grace has escaped from her captors and is in hiding from a black ops group, looking to take her for her healing powers.

In walks Rio, a member of the KGI. After discussing her predicament with the Kelly brothers, the men who run the KGI, he decides that he needs to be the one to bring Grace home. He feels drawn to her somehow. Once he meets Grace, he is unprepared for the gravity of his feelings for her, and when things get out of hand, he can’t see past getting her back by whatever means necessary.

My Review:

It goes without saying that the Kelly brothers and their friends are the definition of the Alpha male. In Echoes at Dawn, Rio goes after Grace with a vengeance, crazy with rage, testosterone just dripping from his pores. Rio comes across Grace as she is in the process of escaping from her captors and saves her life. At that point in Grace’s life, she is weak, and her desire to live is diminishing. Rio puts everything on the line to bring Grace back safely, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

This book was earth shattering. Although it is certainly a romantic suspense by genre, it has the delightful elements of the paranormal. The love story between Grace and Rio is heartwarming and will leave you teary eyed at the end. No matter how busy your schedule may be, this book will take over your will and demand that you finish it. I highly recommend this book for both paranormal romance readers, and romance readers alike. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Miss Maya Banks you have done it again.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Here comes trouble

Ellie Hunter wasn’t looking for a protector, but she definitely wanted a place to lay low and hide. Divorced from her abusive husband for over six months, Ellie goes to Trouble’s gates as a last resort after her ex pays her a "final" visit.  
Allister McCall, Ryan Thomas, Derek Swinney, and Bradley Powers have known Ellie for the better part of their lives and the memory of sharing her is stamped in their minds. When Ellie arrives in small town Trouble, the men jump to all sorts of illicit assumptions.
Once Ellie reconnects with Allister, Ryan, Derek, and Bradley, Ellie’s life is seemingly complete, assuming her ex-husband will let her live in peace. With Navy SEALs training behind them, Ellie’s men are confident Ellie’s ex will finally let her go but if he refuses there will be hell to pay. One way or another, four men will ensure Ellie is protected, loved, cherished, honored, and adored.

And Coming to Siren-Bookstrand on March 16th, the installment readers are already talking about! 
Coming March 16th to Siren-Bookstrand
Unofficial Book Details

One wrong turn in life lands Heather Powers in the heart of danger. Recognizing an opportunity to break free of captivity, she sends out an urgent cry for help. Soon, Trouble’s founding fathers are gathering round in hopes of saving one of their own, but the clock is ticking as they sneak up on Heather’s captors in a creepy forest.

Attempting to pull Heather out of a bad situation, Curt Caldwell, Justin Dare, and Gabe Reynolds uncover an evil family with a deadly agenda. Desperate to save an innocent victim, Trouble’s men march straight into the heart of spine-chilling danger. Soon, they’re forced to face off with the occult and a haunting wickedness far more sinister than anyone could ever imagine. The stakes are high as these men risk everything for love, including the very safe haven they affectionately call their home.  

Natalie Acres

Welcome to Trouble, Tennessee

Nicholas Speed, Harley McCall, Doc Andrews, Trevor Lamb, and Mac McCall venture off to a neighboring town in search of a good time. What they find is a beautiful young woman looking to fool around.

Sable Samms is a scorned woman ready to do whatever it takes to permanently sever former matrimonial ties. Separated from her previous husband, Sable can’t escape her former spouse’s claims. She can almost feel his abusive hands tightening their squeeze so she puts a plan in motion and arranges to meet some of Trouble, Tennessee’s founding fathers. 

After one night of passion, the men search for the woman who left them with unshakable memories. They’re almost ready to give up when they’re summoned to Trouble’s front gates to assist with a new arrival. Unbeknownst to them, Trouble’s latest resident is none other than Sable Samms, the woman they shared and lost. Now, they’ll have their second chance at happiness and maybe even love.